Thursday, February 15, 2018

TUSAL February 2018

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My orts this time are exclusively from Jane Turner. 

The Silly Stitching Calendar says I stitched only 8 days since last month’s TUSAL check in.  Yikes, that’s patethic!  Work has been especially hectic for the last month or two (and not likely to let up for at least another month) and fairly often lately I get home too tired to remember my own name - not a good condition for stitching.

But he *good* news is that I’ve finished Band 12 (yay!).  I know I’ve mentioned before that Jane’s wider, more complicated bands are bracketed by pairs of narrow bands that are essentially mirror images, and I had decided to show you that when this band was finished.  But while stitching it, I noticed that the colors on the satin stitched circle flowers in Band 12 were reversed from those in Band 10.  So that would mean that instead of being mirrored, it’s spun around 180 degrees, right?  Nope.

Band 10

Newly-finished Band 12 (I like the darker green outlining better...)

Weird, huh?  Now I’m curious about the other paired bands.

And I’ve begun Band 13 - the first, narrow Montenegrin stitch band!  Next time I hope to show you a bit of progress there, and some detailed pictures of the stitch.

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Thursday, January 25, 2018

Tangentially related...

... to stitching, that is.

Shortly after I began working on Jane Turner, I realized that Amy Mitten’s fat little book on everything you ever might want to know about executing the Montenegrin stitch (HERE in case you’re curious about the book) was going to be a necessity as I had never stitched it as anything but a dividing line straight across a sampler.  If you follow that link, you’ll see that Amy Mitten designed a humorous pocket to store and carry the book – fun, yes?  I thought so too, but figured I didn’t need it, so couldn’t justify it (and didn’t want to have to complete that project in order to work on Jane Turner).

Now that I’m getting really close to the bands that are filled with Montenegrin, I was thinking more and more about that pocket and how something similar would keep my book in better shape than just dropping it into my stitching bag every night.

So I dug out some supplies…

… and measured and marked and made a pattern.

Then I rooted through my denim stash till I found a piece that was tough but still soft.

And then I got too tricky for my own good – something I absolutely excel at when finishing smalls or making things like this.  Wouldn’t it be much nicer if the pocket was lined?  Yes, of course!  Cut two pieces of denim …

Uh oh.  How am I going to construct it?  Well, just sew the two pieces together, turn, and then … oh wait, can’t do the pocket side seams easily that way....  Okay, sew the pocket sides together for each piece and square off the bottom corners, turn one inside out and stuff it inside the other and then … oops, that’s a LOT of hand stitching to finish it.  Seems there should be a way that I could sew the two pieces mostly together and then turn it all through an open part (I’m still pretty sure this *can* be done… but work seems to be using the entire allotment of brain power these days and I just couldn't see how it ought to be done).

But at this point I was, as we say in our house, a bear of very little brain (apologies to A. A. Milne).  Think, think, think…

All right, let’s go for the least amount of hand sewing:  sew, turn, press, fold, pin …

Sew down the sides by hand.  Ah, at least I can shape the bottom.

Now slide the book in …

… and, finished!


Thursday, January 18, 2018

TUSAL January 2018

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As usual lately, all the orts are from Jane Turner. 

The Silly Stitching Calendar (yes, there’s one for 2018) says I had 11 stitching days since last month’s TUSAL check in.  Sounds like an embarrassingly small number till I remember that the December new moon was *before* Christmas and I didn’t even pick up a needle while visiting family were here for the holiday.  The 2017 version of that silly calendar reports that I stitched 171 days – not as often as I’d hoped, but not too bad.

I’m working on Band 12 now – the narrow band under the Lady Band, and an inverted version of Band 10, though with the double running stitch done in dark green.  Will show you progress on the band in a moment, but first I want to show you this motif.

I’ve now stitched that motif ten times, and I don’t think I followed the same path twice!  Certainly that wasn’t planned, it just seemed to go a bit differently each time.  

Here’s Band 12, and you can see that I have only one more of those fussy little yellow and green leaves to fill in.  That’s the last one of those in the entire sampler!  Think I’ll dance a little jig when it’s done.

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Saturday, January 13, 2018

Stitchy stash (yay!)

A round up post of what I stitched last year would be deadly dull (multiple bands of Jane Turner plus two starts).  And a what-I-plan-to-stitch-this-year post would be only moderately more interesting (finish Jane, finish those other two, then pick one from the three or four at the top of my list).  Showing off my new goodies seems like a good alternative.

Wonderful Husband gifted me with two good sized projects for Christmas.  Seems selecting large or long-term projects is his forte - he also chose Jane.  First he gave me the chart and silks for True Wisdom from Examplar Dames.  I’ve been wanting to try a Quaker style sampler and think this is lovely.

And then he completely surprised me.  I love the unicorn tapestries from the Middle Ages, both the Lady and the Unicorn series and the Hunt of the Unicorn.  Our very first Christmas together, he surprised me with this - he built the frame and gave it to me ready to hang, and it's been on the wall in our home ever since.  He had planned to frame a similar museum show poster of the Unicorn in Captivity but never got around to it.

So what was it he surprised me with this time?  Also under the tree was a chart (um, *booklet*) of the Unicorn in Captivity from Scarlet Quince.  Who knew there was such a thing?  At 285w x 404h this is NOT small.  

And, oh yeah, it’s solid coverage - see that little grid in the lower left?  Eep!

I went through every bit of my linen stash and discovered that I had nothing large enough for either project.  Good thing the Silver Needle’s New Year’s Eve sale was coming up, right?

I had made it all the way through 2017 essentially without buying stitch stash.  I allowed myself to buy threads, but that’s all since the previous NYE sale.  Just thread.  Really.  So even though there’s virtually no chance I’ll get to them this year, I did order a couple of charts. 

I got fabric for both of the very large projects – 40 count for True Wisdom and 36 count for the unicorn.


The impossible-to-resist, just had-to-have-‘em charts.

And of course I had to buy more threads.  One each of all the new DMC colors…

… plus another card of my favorite GAST green (forest glade), and a few other overdyed cottons because they looked so pretty.

I will now return to my regularly-scheduled stitching of Jane Turner.  

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Sunday, December 31, 2017

Happy dance, and other stories

Jane Turner band 11, aka the Lady Band, is complete - woohoo!!  We’ve been expending most of our energy doing various snow moving things, but I was able to stitch a bit last night, completing the filling-in of Lady Jane’s face and neck and giving her eyes and a mouth.  The mouth is my addition - can you believe Jane didn’t give her lady a mouth?  Strange!

And then I spent some time checking the chart and instructions just to make sure I hadn’t missed anything (I hadn’t - yay).  Wanna see?

Now, back in early January when everyone was making their stitching plans for the year, I had hoped to have Jane finished in 2017.  Ha!  Still, it feels like the end is in sight now.  All that's remaining to stitch are three narrow bands, one wide band, and then the alphabet and Jane’s signature line, so I think an actual finish in the new year should be possible.  Here’s how she looks at this point.

So what are those other stories, and what else is going on?  Well, after the Great Christmas Snow, on Friday and Saturday we got more – we figure about 12 to 14 inches of new stuff fell overnight and through the day yesterday.  So we’ve been shoveling.

Oh, not the driveway – around here if one doesn’t have a snowblower, it’s wise to have an arrangement with a plow guy.  We’ve been shoveling the roof!

And today I was able to start knocking the snow off our arborvitae in the back yard, which turned out to be one of those easier-said-than-done things.  Just like everything else right now, there is a huge amount of snow on those trees.

Here’s a view of my snow knocker (an eight foot piece of 2 x 2) and a better look at what I was using it on.

Odd selfie.  My feet are down there somewhere!  Not sure you can tell very well from the picture, but that snow is up to the middle of my thighs (and my legs are not short).

I got all the way down the side to the corner.  Hope to do across the back tomorrow.

Today’s newspaper reported that this is already the ninth snowiest winter in Erie since they started keeping records.  Oh, our forecast for the next 36 hours?  Tonight, 1 to 3 inches; tomorrow, 3 to 5 inches; tomorrow night, 2 to 4 inches.

Stay warm and safe.  Happy new year!


Tuesday, December 26, 2017

White(out) Christmas

Under the heading of Be Careful What You Wish For, last week I was bemoaning the fact that though we had some snow, temperatures and rain forecast for 12/21 and 12/22 suggested all that would remain by Christmas Day would be the ugly gray stuff at the sides of the road.

The kids - now 29 and 31 - and I went on our annual movie-at-Christmas-break outing on the 23rd (the new Star Wars), and were pleasantly surprised to find it was snowing when we came out of the theater.  Late in the afternoon, the front yard looked like this.

A close look will show you all the snow came from the left side – see what’s on the tree, and the odd oval of clear ground underneath.  Weird, isn't it?

And then the news and weather started talking about a storm, and around dinnertime on Christmas Eve it started snowing again.

And it snowed.

And when we got up on Christmas morning, it looked like this (notice the bushes in the second picture ... the third picture is NOT out of focus - the fuzziness is the snow pouring down).

And it snowed while we opened presents around the Christmas tree.

This is what it looked like in the afternoon (see those same bushes now?).

And it snowed during the night.

From an article in this morning’s local paper (online!):

"… a record 34 inches of snow fell on the city on Monday, according to the National Weather Service in Cleveland. …  another 8 to 16 inches of snow is expected in Erie County through Tuesday night, with 4 to 8 additional inches expected through Wednesday evening, when an issued lake effect snow warning is expected to expire.”

Not sure how much we have here, though Wonderful Husband said this morning there’s about 18 inches in the driveway, which was plowed yesterday around noon.

This morning… (bushes?  what bushes?)

I hope you all had a lovely day yesterday!  Please stay safe.


Tuesday, December 19, 2017

TUSAL December 2017

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Phooey.  I *really* wanted to have Jane Turner’s Lady Band finished to show you for this last TUSAL post of the year, but I needed another half hour or so of stitching time.  Guess the good thing is that I got any stitching done at all - last year’s December TUSAL post had nothing to show but crumbs.  

The Silly Stitching Calendar says I’ve had 14 stitching days since the last TUSAL post – not bad considering this is December!  All the orts are from Jane Turner. 

I'm going to wait to show you this band when it’s complete – probably not till after Christmas since my daughter is already here, my son and daughter's husband are both coming in a couple of days and there’s still a lot to do for the holiday.  Oh, who am I kidding – we have such a good time when she’s here that I don’t take time to stitch!

I’m working on Lady Jane’s face and it’s mostly filled in – just need to do her chin and neck and then give her some features and the band will be done.  Ah, I know what to do – I’ll show you what *is* done!

The birds are done.


The big pink flowers are done.

The fruit is done (and so are the leaves).

The creepy crawlies are done.

Even the pesky blue flowers are done.

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Saturday, December 16, 2017

Christmas is coming...

Our tree won’t be put up till tomorrow – my daughter’s getting here tomorrow evening and we’ll decorate it Monday and Tuesday.  And bake.  And play Christmas carols.  I took all next week off from work!  (yeah, I’m a little excited)

If you’re interested in seeing non-tree Christmas decorations, then you’re in the right place (I'm really enjoying the things some of you have posted about your own Christmas decorating!).  Let’s start in the living room.

This crèche is the one that was in my family’s living room when I was a kid.  It was banished to a box when my mom got a larger, nicer one when I was in high school but this is the one I’ve always loved.  The stable is heavy cardboard that’s either printed with a wood grain or has a paper coating on both sides and the background is a separate piece that fits onto tabs on the back.  All the figures are securely glued in place (except one can remove the baby Jesus from the manger).  It has a cardboard, glitter covered star that will fit into a slit on the top of the stable, but I use one I made from a wad of silver tinsel stitched into a ball and hung from the ceiling with nylon thread – you can see the bottom of it at the top edge of the picture.

I have quite a few angels that we put out at Christmas – my mother collected them and I display my favorites.

One of Homespun Elegance’s annual ornaments – I bought the chart at the Spirit of Cross Stitch Festival merchant mall in 1995 and stitched it up a couple of  years later.

On the mantle are a few more of my mom’s angels, and our stockings hang below.  Mine is on the left – my mom made it when I was about a year old.  On the right is the one I made for my husband for our first Christmas together … but he insisted our son use it (and shame on me, I never made Wonderful Husband a replacement).  My daughter’s is in the center – that one was so much fun to design and stitch.  I entered it at the Woodlawn Needlework Show the following year and got a second place ribbon for it!

Everyone with kids has at least one school Christmas project they display year after year, right?  My son made this wreath in … kindergarten, I believe.  I love it because he wanted his to be different from everybody else’s and made the wreath from RED handprints with GREEN thumbprint berries!

One summer when I was 10 or 11, my mom decided to make a project she saw in an ad at the back of her McCall’s Needlework magazine.  This was back in the ‘60s when those were large format magazines – the size that Life magazine was originally.  The inside back cover was an ad for lots of Christmas needlework kits, but Mom just worked from the picture (which was about an inch and a half tall) and made her own.  The wise men have bits of old earrings and necklaces as their jewels.  Watching her do this, of course I wanted to make something too!  The same ad included a set of ornaments – little animals in stockings – so I made one with a cat.

Oh my, more felt.  I made this from a kit in 1979 or 1980.  I remember enjoying the felt appliqué, but I got really tired of sewing on all the sequins and beads!

Another (felt) kit with lots of beads and sequins.  I made four of these for gifts and then made one for myself from the leftover bits.  The one on the left is from the kit (this one was my mom’s), the right side guy is Mr Scraps.

My buffet in the dining room.  After Christmas I may get the other side of the red runner hemmed!

In the family room, more of my mom’s angels hanging around on the bookcase.

And a set she gifted me with when I was 13.

And lastly, at my back door, holiday penguins.  Saw these little guys in CVS one year and couldn’t resist.

It’s been snowing since early this morning and I’m such a child when it comes to this weather – it always delights me.

If you're still here, I want to thank you for indulging me!  Happy holidays!